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ST-Tanks: Settling And Filtration System

Streams that have a large amount of suspended solids often need to have those solids removed before treatment. A model ST-Tank is specifically designed to collect fluids and allow retention time for solids to settle. A solids filtration unit is designed to reside below the tank to collect the solids for disposal. The ST-Tanks have a 45 angle, and are available in several sizes in steel. Optional equipment is also available.


  • Certain size ST-Tanks are available in 60o angle.
  • ST-Tanks are available in 350 gal., 500 gal., 1000 gal., 1500 gal., and 2000/+ gal. Capacities.
  • Steel or polypropylene construction.
  • Solids filtration equipment:
  • WE-MC-S solids filter & de-watering cart
  • GBF Series gravity bed filters
  • Downstream polishing filtration.
  • WE-Maxi Oil Belt Skimmer.
  • Automated sludge valve for hands free “burping” of accumulated solids.
  • Level indicator lights.
  • High level warning alarm.


  • All tanks carry a full (5) year warranty against leakage.
  • All steel tanks and components are coated with two-part epoxy paint.
  • For details on options see data sheets included in this section.