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“We were dumping our parts washer once-per week before installing a 5-gallon per minute LOR-5 Coalescer. We have extended the bath life to over 6-months and still haven’t changed out the washer. Parts quality is improved and down time has been eliminated.”

Lansing Michigan

Our company employs a hauling service. We were generating 2500 gallons per week of general waste and paying 30 cents per gallon for hauling. We installed a WE-OR 10 machine on our waste fluid holding tank. We are removing 500-600 gallons per week of oil with this equipment. When the wastewater was 20% oil and 80% water, the oil re-claimer was not interested in buying the waste. Now, the oil is 95% oil and 5% water, and the re-claimer is paying us 40 cent per gallon for the oil we are collecting. We have reduced the total gallons we used to have hauled. The payback for this equipment was less than 6 months”.

Escanaba, Michigan

We are in the scrap metal reclaiming business. The scrap metals are purchased from various manufacturing plants around the Mid-West. All of the scrap metal is being washed in 190-degree, alkaline-based parts washer. A Model OR-10 Coalescer was installed. The client has reduced down time & labor for washer change-out, reduced detergent cost by 85% and eliminated hauling for the past 6 months.

Columbus, Ohio

We use straight oil for flute grinding of precision cutting tool manufacturing. The parts then go into a parts washer. Dumping the parts washer every 2 – 3 days has been eliminated. This same company has begun re-cycling their floor cleaner by collecting ‘spent’ floor cleaner into a holding tank and skimming off the oil. Wastewater Engineers, Inc. added a Gravity Bed Filter to the process and is also filtering out grinding fines and machining chips from the floor cleaner. In both the parts washer and floor cleaner, cost of cleaners is reduced by over 75% & hauling waste is also greatly reduced.

North Carolina