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Model 321-E Mop Water Dump Station

This equipment has a small footprint, measuring 3′ L x 2′ W and 14″ H. The height for mop bucket dumping is only 1’H, thus is an ergonomically ideal configuration for dumping large mop buckets. Model 321-E will also handle gravity discharge from automated floor scrubbers.]

Solid debris (mop strings, papers, metal chips, etc). are separated via a 3/8″ perforated, aluminum basket. The basket is light weight, with handles that provide for ease in handling/dumping of accumulated solids. In addition, a screen with 1/8″ perforations will filter out even smaller solids and protects the on-board sump pump. The sump pump is float-activated and provides up to 20 gpm @ 19′ of head. The pump has 1-1/2″ outlet plumbing for delivery an effluent holding tank. Model 321-E requires 115-vac/15-amp electrical outlet.

Model 321-HO Mop Water Dump Station

This model has the same footprint as Model 321-E but features an upgraded, float-activated sump pump capable of delivering up to 35 gpm @ 30′ of head. As such, it is ideal for large factories/warehouses with high ceilings or long distance to effluent holding tank. This unit requires 115-vac/20-amp electrical outlet.

Click for a video overview: 321E Overview Video

Dumping Station

Float Activated Sump Pump

Lift Up Splash Guard Cover

Pull Out Screen Baskets