Making the decision to purchase any water treatment equipment is a difficult one. Are you making the right decision? Is the equipment and process you are considering going to do the job for you, in your situation? Are you finally going to be in compliance, and not worry about fines or future liability We believe that when buying any equipment, whether it be production or water treatment equipment, a specification must be met. In the case of a water treatment system, the specification should be compliance with local discharge regulations. This includes all by-products of the system.

The following is our written compliance guarantee:

Wastewater Engineers, Inc. is a specialist company focused entirely on the design, manufacture and service of wastewater treatment and recycling hardware, treatment chemistries and related consulting services. We know of no other company who offers the following guarantees:

Guarantees and warranties for regulatory compliance: 

Wastewater Engineers, Inc.. guarantees, while using the equipment we design and furnish, in combination with our treatment supplies and with our prescribed treatment procedures, all of our clients will meet discharge requirements to local sewer. We further guarantee that the resultant sludge from our process will pass the federal TCLP non-leaching criteria for disposal to landfill. In the event that client changes upstream procedures or chemistries, we suggest proposed new chemistries be tested by Wastewater Engineers, Inc. prior to their usage in client’s operations to determine treatment feasibility.

Guarantees and warranties of equipment 
Wastewater Engineers, Inc. provides superior reliability and performance with our engineered systems and component equipment. As such we offer a standard (3) full year, 100% parts replacement for any component which fails to function as intended. Wastewater Engineers, Inc. reserves the right to request the return of malfunctioning parts. Important Notice: Remaining duration of (above) Guarantees and Warranties are null and void immediately if substitute supplies or treatments are used without express, written authorization from Wastewater Engineers, Inc.

Advantages Of Our System Vs Alternatives

  • Haul-Away Services
  • Ultra-filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Safe
  • Simple
  • Affordable

As you investigate us further, you will become acquainted with the wide variety of aqueous streams we treat. We believe ours is the strongest equipment and process guarantee in the environmental industry. We have designed and installed over (350) systems in the past (14) years.

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