Do you need help with environmental compliance? Are you thinking of recycle possiblities? We can help!

About Wastewater Engineers

“Affordable, Turnkey Treatment and Recycle Systems”
Who is Wastewater Engineers, Inc.? We incorporated in 1992. We are a specialist company, dealing exclusively with commercial & industrial clientele. We have placed over 350 of our systems in a variety of applications throughout the USA, Canada and a handful of clients in Mexico. We utilize a network of Stocking Distributors and Sales Representatives, however; we do sell directly to clients where we do not have established local representation.

As a specialist company, we are highly focused on the art and science of Fluids Management. Most of our staff has roots in Metalworking Fluids product development and fluids management. As such, we have a culture that understands manufacturing processing and the clients’ usage of cutting & grinding fluids, corrosion inhibitors, parts washing operations, surface preparation and finishing, etc. This background provides us with unique insight that relates to practical applications. In short, we are familiar with what makes sense in a manufacturing operation. Outside of manufacturing, our products and services have proven to be effective at processing printing ink, dyes and paints, food processing and a myriad of other uses. Regardless of the application, our process must be simple, safe and cost-effective in order to attract and keep our clientele as customers.

We have found that many clients who have purchased from WE, Inc. have done so because we sell complete systems. Our competition (whoever they might be) will sell chemical only or the flocculation equipment but NOT a total fluid handling package that includes our turnkey equipment and engineering capability.

Our approach to our target clientele is broken down into (4) segments; “Fluid Handling” “Pre-Treatment”, “Treatment” and “Recycling”.

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