Wastewater Engineers, Inc.

Products and Machines

RT-65-DB Manual Batch Treatment

  • Requires only (15) minutes of non-skilled, attendant labor per batch
  • Treats (65) gallons per Batch
  • Dimensions: 36″ L x 36″ W x 72″ H
  • 3/4″ NPT inlet and 1-1/2” NPT outlet fittings – allows for hard plumbing in/out
  • Unit is equipped with a NEMA (12) enclosed Manual Motor Starter, receptacle plug for the sump
  • pump, and an 115VAC Service power cord.
  • Clean water discharge valve for discharge of processed water
  • Separate sludge discharge valve for remaining sludge/processed water evacuation
  • All fluids/sludge is discharged via gravity to a sludge cart, which resides below the mix tank. A
  • perforated poly bag resides inside the sludge cart – thus, solids (sludge) is caught in the poly bag –
  • while water is allowed to seep through the poly bag and into a collection sump.
  • Sump pump is float-activated and will automatically transfer fluids from the RT unit to either recycle
  • tank or to sewer. Sump pump is rated at 37gpm. (at 10′ of head)
  • Electrical requirements are 115VAC service w/single plug-in cord (supplied w/unit)
  • HO Package (Optional)
  • Upgraded version of the above described is available as a total package including a control panel to
  • replace the (above described) ‘On/Off’ switch with the following features:
  • Reduced labor, requires only (5) minutes of attendance per batch
  • Operator will push “fill start” button on the control panel that will utilize a fill pump and thus, transfer
  • effluent from its source. The filling will continue until a ‘full’ level is attained – at which time the
  • pump will stop and an indicator light will advise “RT Full”. Transfer pump is air operated. Pump will
  • draw and pump effluents from 20 ft and deliver 15gpm@ 25 ft. of head. Pump is mounted to RT unit.
  • Countdown, mixer/timer. May be set from 0 – 15 minutes. Switch turns on mixer and will shut off
  • mixer upon completion of timer cycle.
  • Canister bag filter (Model WE-625) for final polish of processed fluids. Unit is mounted to RT and
  • will provide capability to capture ‘pin’ floc that may pass through poly bag sludge filter. Unit
  • features a re-usable/cleanable bag.

RT 100 – 1000 Series

These units are semi-automatic batch treatment machines, capable of running 2 batches per hour. The RT-100 HO is a 100 gallon unit, the RT-350-HO is a 350 gallon unit and so forth.

All units feature:

  • HD Steel Construction
  • Designed to be operated by custodial personnel
  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • Push button auto fill function
  • Auto indexing filter bed
  • Rinse down package
  • Float activated discharge pump
  • Final stage canister fill

This series consist of the following units:

  • RT-100-HO
  • RT-200-HO Show above
  • RT-350-HO
  • RT-500-HO
  • RT-750-HO
  • RT-100-HO

Highlights of the series:

  • Simple, safe, and cost effective
  • Fully Automatic packages available
  • Many labor saving features and options
  • Requires only 10 minutes of attendant labor per batch
  • No hazardous by-products
  • Guaranteed to meet discharge limits to local sewer
  • Sludge is guaranteed to pass TCLP
  • Low maintenance, available 3 year, 100% parts replacement warranty
  • Handles most aqueous based fluid

NOTE: Many waste streams require pretreatment – the removal of gross amounts of oils, solids and similar. WE, Inc. designs and supplies complete turn-key components, which will address these requirements. Please see your local sales engineer for details.