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Model #461 Dumping Station

We are the leader in mop water dump stations with over 200 units sold.


The low profile Model #461 is intended for use as a dumping station for either floor scrubbing equipment or mop buckets. The unit features (2) shallow, screened baskets at the front of the unit. Theses screened baskets have 1/8” perforations, handgrips, and a 2’ depth to promote the accumulation of large debris from floor cleaning operations. The user simply dumps water to pass through the perforated basket. Either an electrical (Model #461E) or air (Model #461A) float-activated pump is located at the rear of the unit to automatically transfer fluids to a holding tank. See your W.E., Inc. Sales Representative for pricing on the different models available.


Model #461 provides user with a simple, cost-effective and automated method for disposal/separation of dirty floor cleaning fluids:

  • Only one (1) moving part: float-activated pump
  • Used with floor scrubbers or mop bucket
  • Reduces back-strain for manual dumping
  • Auto Float Pump prevents pump burn-out from “forgetful” users
  • Sturdy construction – lasts for years.


  • Steel construction with a (2) part immersion epoxy finish.
  • Screened baskets are (20) lbs. each for ease in handling.
  • Standard configuration is 4’W x 6’L x 1’H.
  • Model #461E is provided with a float-activated electric pump. Requires an 115VAC electrical
  • service. 19’ maximum vertical head. 1-1/2” NPT discharge outlet.
  • Model #461A is provided with a float activated air diaphragm pump. Requires an 115VAC electrical
  • service and compressed air. 25’ maximum vertical head. 1” NPT discharge outlet.

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